#HelpAmericaHeal - Tell Us What YOU See

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#HelpAmericaHeal - Tell Us What YOU See

The ground beneath our feet is still shifting from the election results. However, it is clear is that our role as physicians is to help heal the deep wounds in our nation. During the election we saw hatred used as a weapon striking fear in patients, communities, and colleagues.   Our nation needs healers who value people above profits, ask difficult questions inside and outside the exam room, and know how to work together for long-lasting, meaningful change. The change we seek as physicians is for all of our patients to have access to high quality, affordable health care, and for all communities to foster a culture of health.

That is why NPA is launching a new initiative: #HelpAmericaHeal. Just as we were the first doctors in the health reform coalition of the last decade, and our Good Stewardship project ignited the Choosing Wisely┬« campaign, NPA plans to blaze a path with #HelpAmericaHeal that brings together physician colleagues and unites them with allies and resources  to tell  our stories and turn them into effective actions.

First of all want to hear from you!  Tell us what you are seeing:

- Empathy grows through understanding . Stories from the front line are needed to help policy-makers and the media understand what our patients and communities needs:

Use the form on this page to tell us about what you are seeing in front of you now, what you see coming for your patients and colleagues, and how NPA can help YOU  #HelpAmericaHeal.

Add me to the following list(s):
  • HelpAmericaHeal - Connect Receive support for connecting to your elected officials.
  • HelpAmericaHeal - Join Attend or host a local gathering with physician colleagues by December 31st.
  • HelpAmericaHeal - Prepare Sign-up for an NPA sponsored weekend of intensive media and advocacy skills training.