BREAKING NEWS: A Florida judge approved an injunction this week stopping the state from implementing the NRA's "Gag Law," which would have restricted physicians from giving patients life-saving information about the deadly risks of guns.

Oppose state legislation restricting physician-patient communication.


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In several states, legislative efforts are aggressively underway to limit physicians' freedom to ask patients the basic safety screening question, "Do you keep a gun at home?"  Proponents of this intrusive regulation frame the issue as protecting the privacy rights of gun-owners.  We view it differently.  Screening questions about guns are fundamental to protecting patient health and safety.  What will be next?  Will it be too invasive to ask whether a patient uses tobacco?  In the clinical encounter, questions are often sensitive and involve private matters.  Patients expect this, and are under no obligation to answer.  Help us stop censorship of clinical communication.  Add your name to our petition today. This law is being heavily covered in the press. And as soon as we have enough signers we'll tell local and national reporters that this is alarming doctors from every state and every specialty.  Your signature matters.

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