Let Congress know how ACA repeal will impact your patients

National Physicians Alliance

Let Congress know how ACA repeal will impact your patients

Call your Senators and House Representative and urge them to oppose reforms that would reduce access to quality, affordable, health care and eliminate hard-won coverage expansion and consumer protections.

Use the tool below to find your Senators and Representatives' numbers and call them now. Then please complete the form to let us know you made the call.

Not sure what to say? Try something like "I'm a constituent and physician practicing in (your state or congressional district) I'm calling because I am deeply concerned about proposals to repeal the Affordable Care Act and how they could impact my patients and our community. I urge Senator/Representative _________ protect gains in health care coverage, Medicaid expansion, new health insurance industry regulation and consumer protections, and expanded preventive care coverage including mental health and substance abuse treatment.

I've seen real improvements among my patients and within our community over then last 6 years. I ask Senator/Representative _________ to oppose reforms that would set us back such as Medicaid Block Grants and/or per-capita caps, high-risk pools, HSAs and high-deductible policies."