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Ban Assault Weapons and High Capacity Magazines Now!

Thoughts and prayers are not enough. Americans deserve a strong response from our elected leaders. As healthcare providers, we know gun violence is public health issue. We must ban these #WeaponsOfWar now to keep our patients, families and communities safe. We invite you to us in this effort by signing our petition today.

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512 9 months ago Mike Hunt Seattle , WA Assault is a verb
511 9 months ago Sandra Newhouse Charlottesville, VA These weapons need to be banned immediately. Common sense requires action which is long overdue.
510 10 months ago Angel Chen Little Neck, NY
509 10 months ago Angel Chen Little Neck, NY
508 10 months ago Laurie Cappa Washington, DC This is a good start! We also need more research on gun safety to move forward effectively.
507 10 months ago Sally Cowles Ridgefield, WA
506 10 months ago Philip M. Kober Fitchburg, WI The Heller decision says that "dangerous and unusual" weapons can be prohibited. Assault weapons are capable of rapid fire and are easily converted to near automatic rates. They can take high capaci...
505 10 months ago Anika Kumar, MD Cleveland, OH
504 10 months ago Raymond Baum, MD Brick, NJ
503 10 months ago Elizabeth Reed Chappaqua, NY
502 10 months ago Jamie Haraden duvall, WA
501 10 months ago Daivati Bharadvaj Portland, OR
500 10 months ago Bonnie Van Uitert Wynnewood, PA
499 10 months ago Steven Herwig West Des Moines, IA Assault weapons are a public health risk. They are not necessary for hunting nor personal protection. The only purpose for these military-style weapons is killing people.
498 10 months ago Chelsea McGuire Dorchester, MA
497 10 months ago Anonymous Douglas, AZ
496 10 months ago Stephen Martin Northfield, MA
495 10 months ago Kristen Mazoki Philadelphia, NJ
494 10 months ago Anne Montgomery San Francisco, CA As a primary care physician, I have treated numerous patients who have been witness to mass shootings and continue to experience anxiety and depression related to this incident. It is imperative tha...
493 10 months ago Jaydeep Bhat Atlanta, GA
492 10 months ago Kate Perez Seattle, MA
491 10 months ago Ashley Jones N Richland Hills, TX We need common sense gun reform along with research on gun safety.
490 10 months ago William Sexauer Philadelphia, PA
489 10 months ago Padi McFadden West Hartford, CT
488 10 months ago Susan Miller Richmond, VA Gun violence is a public health emergency. Treat it as such. Kids lives are more important than guns.
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