We are looking for true stories of patients who are benefitting from the new health law, as well as stories that underscore the need for continued impovements.  We especially welcome stories that document the early benefits of reform, such as the extension of family benefits to adult-children, and stories of patients who continue to face insurance industry abuses. 

Why contribute your story?

  • The success of health reform depends on how the law is implemented; policy makers can use stories to justify a robust interepretation of the new law.
  • Stories help policy makers identify action priorities not adequately addressed by the 2010 law.
  • Stories awaken those who haven't experienced similar situations (good or bad) personally.
  • Stories give a human face to the benefits of health reform, as well as to problems that require further attention.

If you feel passionately about what's happening to your patients, you can make others feel passionately about it too. 
Your voice is the most powerful tool we have.

In addition, I am interested in:

sign on to letters
phone elected officials
submit op-eds to local media
meet with Congressional reps in home districts
host a discussion at home or at a local public venue
speak with reporters (training available)

Thank you for sharing your story.